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6 de junho de 2010

Kate D. MacDowell

I’ve lived and worked in many different environments and cultures that have influenced the way I perceive the world, and therefore my pieces. These experiences have ranged from teaching in urban high schools and producing websites in the high-tech corporate environment, to volunteering at a meditation retreat center in rural India a few hours outside of the fever pitch of Bombay. I’ve also collected visual imagery and ideas from my travels through Renaissance Italy, Classical and Minoan Greece, Nepal and Thailand.

Upon returning to the United States in 2004, after a year and a half working overseas, I began to study ceramics full-time at the ArtCenter in Carrboro, North Carolina and later at Portland Community College's Cascade campus and the Oregon College of Art and Craft's community education program. I have also studied flame-worked glass at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, and participated in an artist residency at the Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts in Maine.

Taste, 11"x4 ½x1", hand built porcelain, cone 6 glaze, 5/2010

Daphne, 53”x17”x40”, hand built porcelain, 12/2007

Soliphilia, 10"x5 ½"x4", hand built porcelain, 2/2010

Uprooted, 15”x13”x7“, hand built porcelain, 6/2007

Bad seed, 19"x7"x4 ½", hand built porcelain, cone 6 glaze, 6/2007

Sweet, 4"x5"x2", hand built porcelain, cone 6 glaze, 5/2010

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