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30 de julho de 2011

título de ações de 1884 da Fábrica de Faianças das Caldas da Rainha

Lisbon, 30 June 1884, Share certificate à 20$000 Reis, #498, 46.5 x 29 cm, multicoloured, light horizontal fold across, DB. The most beautiful share certificate in perfect condition! Condition: EF. Probably the most magnificent stock certificate! The company was founded already in the 15th century by the Portuguese queen Dona Lenor. Under the leadership of her husband Johann II Portugal became the leading sea and colonial power of Western Europe. Caldas da Rainha (= thermal springs of the queen), the place where the porcelain and faience manufactory was built, is a therapeutic bath and was the favoured summer residence of the Portuguese monarchs.

The Fabrica de Faiancas still exists nowadays and is a great object of interest. The share certificate was designed by Raphael Bordalho-Pinheiro (1847-1905) and shows many of his favoured animal motifs. The execution of the artwork is very complex, because 11 colours were necessary for the print of the picture, whereas each single share certificate had to be printed manually.

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