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18 de agosto de 2010

Chris Antemann

am mainly focused on liberating the figurine from its roots in mass-production, in order to create one-of-a-kind autobiographical narratives. As ornaments, collectible objects of wealth, and artifacts of the domestic realm, decorative figurines conceal secrets about individual lives. Inspired by the existence of these hidden stories, I begin with the basic format of the figurine and its base constructing my own tales through the layering of images, ornament and form.

This new series expands upon previous parodies of decorative figurines. Delving into the darker side of relationships and domestic rites, these are the twisted tales of master and servant, where the innocence of the floral-clad maid frolics with the dominance of patriarchal desire. Tricked out in frilly camouflage, these characters surface disregarding tradition exposing society's cistern of unmentionables.

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2 comentários:

  1. Hello!

    Beautiful this work! Amazing!!!

    Marília Marques :-)

  2. Lindo. Acho muita piada a a artistas contemporâneos que reinterpretam a grande tradição das figurinhas de porcelana de Meissen ou Limoges e criam coisas novas, extremamente divertidas e surpreendentes.

    Abraços Lisboetas e espero que esteja tudo bem consigo


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