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15 de janeiro de 2012

Dirty Rotten Peaches by Rebecca Wilson


Dirty Rotten Peaches by Rebecca Wilson

These racy figurines by ceramicist Rebecca Wilson are cast from pieces of fruit. 

Dirty Rotten Peaches by Rebecca Wilson

Wilson cast the Dirty Rotten Peaches series from actual peaches, in stained porcelain, then decorated them with a piping bag normally used for confectionary.

Dirty Rotten Peaches by Rebecca Wilson

Dirty Rotten Peaches by Rebecca Wilson

Here’s some text from Rebecca Wilson:

Dirty Rotten Peaches are part a body of work entitled Eat Me; Keep Me, which aims to turn everyday items into a collage of pleasurable extravagance.

In exploring the parallels between ‘valuable’ and ‘everyday’ I have drawn a symmetry of opposites between porcelain and confectionary items; both are similarly self indulgent, inspire desire and are coveted, but both are fundamentally frivolous.

Found objects and fruits are cast in subtly stained porcelain, and details are delicately piped using an icing bag. In ‘Dirty Rotten Peaches’ the innocent fruits transform tantalisingly into voluptuous little ladies bottoms sprouting delicate gold leaves and other unmentionable creamy things.

I aim to remove the formality of the materials so they simply drip with the desire of momentary self-indulgence: chocolate, strawberries, cherries, and peaches ooze frivolity, laced with a slightly sinister edge.

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