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15 de janeiro de 2012

Blue D1653 by Arian Brekveld, Chris Koens and Damian O’Sullivan for Royal Delft


Traditional Dutch porcelain company Royal Delft have launched a new contemporary brand, Blue D1653, including this set by Arian Brekveld that looks as though the blue emblems have slipped down the rim of each dish.

The first collection also features Brekveld’s white bottles with decorative collars, plus tiles for serving tapas or sushi divided into sections that play with Royal Delft motifs and vases that split into two smaller containers by Damian O’Sullivan.

Chris Koens contributed a rounded tea pot with a pebble-like lid and a set of rings decorated with Royal Delft patterns.

Royal Delft
Call it contemporary nostalgia, new originality or the purest form of Dutch Design; Blue D1653 brings together the best design of two eras in one collection.

With the Blue D1653 collection Royal Delft combines the time-honoured trade of the Master Painters with the powerful design of modern Dutch Designers.

Interaction between the present day and history, expressed in a unique collection of decorative objects and consumer products for food, mood &lifestyle.

Royal Delft, The original Blue
Royal Delft was established in 1653 and since then has been the largest and most important producer of Delft Blue.

Today it is the only remaining producer in Delft from the 17th century.

The assortment varies from classic to modern design and tradition is the binding factor.

Through the introduction of Blue D1653, Royal Delft shows that, in addition to tradition, innovation also comes from Delft.

A new idea that feels like a plausible further elaboration of the Delft tradition.

Blue D1653 gives Delft Blue meaning in the lives of a new group of people.

Contemporary Masters
The Blue D1653 products are designed by the (Dutch) guild masters of the 21st century; modern, known Dutch Designers.

They invent and develop new products, taking their inspiration from the Royal Delft Master Painters.

These painters paint the refined guild artwork of the earthenware and have learned through tradition and strict selection.

The cooperation between the Designers and Royal Delft Master Painters results in products which have a distinct character; Delft Blue meets Dutch Design.

Soulful Design
The connection between history and the present day gives Blue D1653 a unique character; design with a real soul.

Reference is also made to that in the name: ‘Blue D’ is a light-hearted reference to Delft Blue which, by adding the year 1653, places its roots in history.

Blue D1653 gives the ancient craft of Delft Blue a contemporary stage for a new audience.

Interaction between the present day and history, expressed in a unique collection of decorative objects and consumer products for food, mood & lifestyle.
Designers: Damian O’Sullivan, Arian Brekveld & Chris Koens
Master Painters: Caroline Hartman, Simon van Oosten & Paul Bartels

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