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15 de janeiro de 2012

Hybrid Collection by CTRLZAK studio for Seletti


Art and design studio CTRLZAK have launched a collection of tableware where half of each piece resembles traditional Chinese porcelain and the other side features a European design.

Based on an earlier collection of one-off pieces, the new commercial range for Italian brand Seletti is intended to highlight the mixing of aesthetics between Western and Eastern production.

Unlike the earlier CermamiX range, the plates, bowls and cups in the new Hybrid collection are cast as single objects in bone china.

The two halves of each object are then decorated with different colours and motifs.

Here’s some more information from CTRLZAK:

SELETTI & CTRLZAK present: Hybrid
Seletti presents the Hybrid collection designed by CTRLZAK studio.

A line of tableware reflecting on the historical production of Chinese and European porcelain and its’ centuries of cross-fertilisation between Western and Eastern aesthetics.

The pieces in the collection are graphically divided between east and west with a coloured line marking the boundary between the two styles and, paradoxically, strengthening at the same time the union.

The Hybrid collection looks at the present while reflecting on the irony of history proposing consequently an evocative contemporary interpretation.

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  1. Fantástico o resultado destas "colagens". O CTRLZAK studio está de parabéns.


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